Our Story

Life is a journey filled with choices that can lead to both joy and pain. In today's world, anyone, regardless of gender, can be victimized, but what truly matters is how we rise above it and reclaim our autonomy.

I am a survivor of Domestic Violence, and with the support of kind-hearted individuals, I found the courage to escape an abusive environment in search of a fresh start and to regain control over my life.

During my healing process, Dirt Bag® Beauty was born.  My daughters suggested having a spa night, using a face mask to feel rejuvenated and look fresh.

We went searching to find the perfect mask but were unhappy with all the toxins in the masks we found. In response, decided to create a pure, natural, eco-friendly skincare brand centered on face masks that are free from toxins and fragrance.

The name Dirt Bag® Beauty was chosen not only because it suits our product's dry blend of dirt-like ingredients but also as a symbol of reclaiming my autonomy and a reminder that positivity can emerge from difficult circumstances. It signifies that we can rebuild our lives on our own terms, taking control and finding strength in the face of adversity. 

As a proud female-owned business, we have committed ourselves to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and share our story to inspire others to seek help and regain their autonomy. Furthermore, a portion of Dirt Bag Beauty's proceeds is dedicated to supporting Domestic Violence shelters in California, as we believe in giving back to those in need and helping others regain their independence and strength.


Much love,