Dirt Bag® Daily Exfoliating Cleansers

Transform Your Skin With Our Truly Effective, All-Natural Facial Cleansers! 

Dirt Bag®

All Natural Skin-Care Products That Deliver Instant Results

♡ 100% Pure, Non-Toxic & Highly Effective

♡ No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Toxins, No Synthetics

♡ We use a dry blend of ingredients analogous to dirt, mostly Vegan and Organic Ingredients

♡  Cruelty-Free No Animal Testing on any of our products 

♡ We are 100% Eco-friendly 

♡ We are 100% Female owned #girlpower 

♡ Dirt Bag® Products are made in the USA. 

♡ Dirt Bag Beauty Launched February 2018   

Bath Soak


Unwind, Relax, Indulge 

Transform your bath water into a beautiful sapphire blue. Soak in a luxurious blend of indigenous ingredients, handpicked to provide a blissful experience; soothing, aromatic &  therapeutic. Rejuvenate your skin & let your mind drift away to the tropical tranquility of Madagascar. 16 oz. 

You Want The Dirt?


Dirt Bag® Daily Exfoliating Cleansers

Evens Out Skin Tone, Cleanses, Rejuvenates, Smooths 

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