Our Story

Behind every mask there’s a face and behind that is their story…

Our story begins when a charming and charismatic Prince introduced himself to the Princess. The Prince swept the Princess off her feet with his dazzling display of everything a princess could desire and want in a prince. However, as time went by, the Prince turned into a Dirt Bag and with help from good Samaritans, the Princess fled the castle, hoping to start a new life... #NOMORE

A few months later, her daughters suggested they have a spa night and proposed they use a face mask to feel rejuvenated and look fresh. The Princess and her daughters went searching to find the perfect mask, but were unhappy with all the chemicals, fillers, and toxins in the masks they found. In response, the Princess decided to create a pure, natural skincare brand centered on face masks made with all active ingredients that contain no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial chemicals. 

As a result, the Princess named her new company Dirt Bag because not only did it suit the product, which uses a dry blend of ingredients analogous to dirt, but also as a reminder that good things can come out of some very bad circumstances. #girlpower #womenempoweringwomen

We believe in complete transparency surrounding our brand and stand behind all of our Dirt Bag products. They are authentic, pure, and of a superior quality. 

We Hope you enjoy our Dirt Bag® Products!   


With over 20 years of experience in the health and beauty industry, Aster has cultivated her expertise and taken a holistic approach when formulating products. She is a detox expert, nutritional counselor, and clinical aromatherapist. She is the founder of a detoxifying-cleanse health and beauty brand, Published a book on Aromatherapy, and has appeared on the health and beauty talk show, Forever Young as one of their experts. The Eco-minded Elliott has also been a contributing editor at Beauty Style Watch.