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Illuminate by Celia

I have dry skin and let's just say it's on the mature side. I never thought an exfoliating cleanser would be a good option for m at this point. But, this product has proven me wrong. Its everything it presents itself to be and more! If I could give it stars, it would get 5!

Morning Sunshine by Roberta

Obsessed with this mask! Honestly, this is a great natural mask. highly recommend it.

Pretty in Pink by Danielle

I feel like a new woman!! Lol My complexion is brighter and skin feels smoother. I normally have oily and dry patches at the same time. It's a constant battle to balance. I've used this mask 2 times for two weeks and the sample of earth angel one time and im seeing a noticeable difference!! This mask seem very promising to become a permanent part of my skin care routine.

Pretty in Pink by Jenny

This mask is so fresh. I love it. I've used it two times. They sent me an email asking to do a review. I usually don't review anything that I buy but, i love this mask so much...had to write something. When you put this mask on(i mixed it with olive oil) it feels like its so good for your skin. Seriously. its so good! I take it off and my skin is looks and feels so clean. Its just looks fresh. That the best way for me to describe this mask. FRESH!

Morning Sunshine by Sierra

All I can say is WOW! I was skeptical about trying this mask as I am with any mask. But, it totally refreshed my skin and felt tightened too. I have normal skin but in general masks tend to dry me out. Not this one! For what it's worth, the next day my skin felt super hydrated and my pores looked smaller. Give it a try. I'm happy with the results. And, like how cute is this packaging. Omg. love...

Pretty in Pink by Cassie

I have one of each dirt bag and rotate using whatever my skin needs. I like to use Earth Angel on my T-zone and one of the other two all over the rest of my face. My favorite is Pretty in Pink.  I love that they can be mixed with water, but I also sometimes use honey which is amaze! Totally recommend all of them but love me some Pretty in Pink!

Earth Angel by Olivia

So, last night I tried the mask and overall liked it. It felt light and comfortable on my face, and I didn't have an issue with scrubbing it off my face. My Skin feels smoother today and hopefully it'll be more hydrated. The only recommendation I would make is to give some more specific directions on how to apply the mask. It says mix with water but I think I put too much ha ha so it would be helpful if the instructions specified exactly how much water or honey to add to the mask. The website instructions do specify and are better than the package so use that as a guideline. Other than that, GREAT Mask!

Pretty in Pink by Grace

I saw them first on Facebook and liked the cute bags and how every is all natural. I chose the tighten and brighten one.  The shipping was very fast!! After trying it, my face is feels smooth today and clean and for sure looks brighter. Bonus. They sent samples of the other ones they offer.  BTW...used honey instead of water with my mask. They give you that choice in the instructions. Cool Product!

Morning Sunshine by Becca

So, decided I would use it more as a polish instead of paste. I just mixed a small amount with water and it went on very sheer. My skin looks and feels fresh but the most noticeable was the instant tightening effect. I want too sure about the egg white Ingredient, but it works great!


Pretty in Pink by Emily

Lately, I've been really into masks. Saw this company on Instagram, couldn't find reviews online, but I guess that why they were offering a discount grand opening deal. I loved the name, so I decided to give it a try. My skin felt smooth, soft and clean. It's not pink, it goes on like a berry color. I thought oh no its going to stain my skin but no worries, it didn't!

Pretty in Pink by Haley

I got this as a sample to test it out and seriously it’s like it erased my pores. I didn’t expect much. I feel like it just face tuned me! I like a smoothing effect. 

Earth Angel by Eva

I really enjoyed using this mask. My face felt great! 


Madagascar Bath Soak by Ellen

This was a birthday gift from my sister. Best gift ever! LOVE the scent. I could eat it!! Smells so good, leaves my body feeling so smooth every time!! I wake up the next day and my skin still feels moisturized and smooth. I truly love this bath soak.

Pretty in Pink by Ashley

I'm in love with this mask. So many masks ive tried in the last year always make my skin breakout or leave it dry and irritated. I totally like the whole mask I kept trying to find one that really worked well for my skin.  I would say I have normal skin but sometimes depending on what's going on with my crazy life, it can be sensitive. Pretty in Pink is the mask I've been looking for. It is perfect for my skin. PERFECT!  It evens out my tone, for sure my skin feels tighter after I use it and, my skin is feels smooth too. IN LOVE with this mask!!!! Thanks Dirt Bag Team!

Pretty in Pink by Sheila

I’m using a face mask for the first time in my life, my skin is sensitive and I was always afraid to experiment and try new things, that being said since this is a vegan mask I had no breakouts or redness afterward, so far I used the mask 2ice and I can see already see small results! Super happy and satisfied with product and the service from Dirt Bag Beauty! Thank you!

Earth Angel by Sam

Love how it feels, like I'm doing something good for my skin. Feels like nutrients are infusing into my skin. It’s a great mask.

Earth Angel by Matt

I like the mask even though you look scary cuz its soooo green. Love how clean my face looked. Unbelievable.

Earth Angel by Kate

I look so silly with this mask is very, very green!! I used the olive oil to mix mine instead of water. I love the smell of this mask on my face and my skin feels very smooth when I take it off. I was concerned that it was going to irritate my skin, some mask I've tried do that. This one did not at all irritate. I used it 2x in one week with no problems at all. GREAT mask! Thank you

Earth Angel by Chelsea

I've only been using it for a few weeks but this is my favorite mask ever! I use it on Sundays and Thursdays...keeps my pores clean and my complexion bright and clear!

Morning Sunshine by Stacey

This goes on very creamy and smooth, no clumps and makes my pores small. I would recommend this mask. The only drawback is not all of the ingredients are organic like their other masks. 

Earth Angel by Melia 

I'm completely obsessed with masks and always looking for the next great one for my skin. I got this as a sample at an event and LOVE the results! Instantly, my skin was brighter! It felt so clean and most of all, it literally changed the tone of my skin from eh.. to looking really healthy. Really good mask! 

Illuminate by Wendy

I love the clean ingredients with this cleanser. My skin is noticeably different since I’ve been using it. 

Renew by Mindy

Left my face feeling good for days! I use it EVERYDAY NOW! 

Renew by Sue

I use this product 3 x a week. It helps to clean out my pores. It makes my face feel much smoother and cleaner and more refreshed. I also like that only need a small amount and it does the job!

Morning Sunshine by Jasmine

I love this mask. I use it at least 2 times a week. I apply a thin layer. It makes my skin feel so smooth and tight at the same time. I bought one and they say you get 6 masks in it. Well, the way I've been using it I'm at close to 10 masks and I still have a little bit left which is why I'm writing this review! Discount! Great Mask and cute packaging.



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