About Our Products

Our Packaging

  • We are committed to striving to protect our planet.
  • Dirt Bag® is 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Our goal is to do as little harm to the environment as possible.
  • We use burlap bags to replace cardboard. Cardboard will break down in landfills. However, stacked tightly in sheets with little surface exposed to the elements -- cardboard can remain undecomposed for up to 10 years. Burlap is reusable and will decompose in three- six months. We also use glass jars as well as aluminum lids; all recyclable.

Our Ingredients

  • We use Sustainable, All-Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives, Chemicals, Toxins, Synthetics or Fillers
  • Our ingredients are Active, Beneficial, Skin Nutrition
  • We use a dry blend of the finest ingredients such as French clay, and Organic Botanicals with emphasis on Vegan and Organic Ingredients.

Some believe that natural skincare products are lesser to their chemical, synthetic counterparts. On the contrary, skin thrives when using clean, natural ingredients. Pure, clean skin nutrition can give quick and real results.
It’s a win-win using natural skin products, you are not only helping your body but doing something good for the environment too!