Why Choose Natural Skincare Products?

why choose natural skincare

When you eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, your body feels good and energized, as opposed to eating severely processed foods with too much salt or sugar, you feel heavy, bloated, and sluggish. Skin is our largest organ. It will absorb a minimum of 60% of what you put on it. It is paramount to treat your skin with the same awareness and intent brought to a healthy diet.

The ingredients we use in our Dirt Bag Beauty products are natural sources of AFA, BHA, Peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, all known for slowing down the aging process. The key to youthful looking, healthy, vibrant skin is keeping the skin fed by delivering moisture and beneficial nutrients as well as exfoliating. This is how skin stays plump, fresh, and able to regenerate cells, which in turn reverses aging. 

Skin sensitivity is one factor driving the growth of the organic and natural skin care products market--Awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals and synthetic products.

If you are experiencing breakouts, dry or red blotchy skin, you are most likely using a product that is too harsh for you; from harmful chemicals in conventional beauty products, or a natural product that may not be all natural. It is important to note, the personal care industry is not regulated.

We use skin loving ingredients that make skin thrive

Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to compliment and work together as a team to provide truly effective, pure skin nutrition. You do not need a long list of ingredients for a skincare product to be effective. We use 5-7 ingredients that have a specific job to do: all active ingredients with no fillers. This is a no-nonsense minimalist approach to achieve healthy, vibrant, youthful looking skin.

We create products that are always fresh – With our products they’re not activated until you add water, comparing that to a liquid facial mask that’s  activated before you buy it, the clock is ticking while its sitting in your cosmetic cabinet with a chance of going rancid before you’ve used all the product--for the reason that we do not use facial masks and exfoliating cleansers every day.

Skin is always changing; with Dirt Bag Beauty products, you can customize according to what your skin needs on any given day. You are always going to use a few splashes of water to activate our product because that is part of the delivery system. Once the product is activated, and depending on what your skin needs that day, add a little bit of honey which is ant-bacterial or your favorite oil if you need extra moisturizing.

A truly natural product is going to leave your skin healthier and more vibrant looking. Seriously! Let’s face it (pun intended) Doesn’t everyone look for skincare products that will give you healthy, radiant, clear skin? No need to look further, it’s in the bag—Dirt Bag®

Check out our line all-natural, eco-friendly, cruelty free skincare products.



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