How To Avoid Maskne

maskne is real

Maskne is a real! The use of face coverings is causing increased moisture due to oil and sweat mixing under our masks, producing bacteria and organisms triggering many of us to have breakouts, irritated skin, and acne flareups.

How to Combat Maskne

  • Choose the right mask, 100% cotton is the way to go--it will let your skin breath.
  • Treat your mask like you would any other clothing item, it needs to be washed so all the oil, sweat and dirt is not accumulating and ready to attack your skin.
  • Wear less makeup! If it is too stressful to let go of your foundation, try switching to a tinted moisturizer with added sunscreen.
  • Most importantly give your skin the love it needs so desperately in these times and get on an all-natural skin care regimen. The best products to use for this specific complaint are exfoliating cleansers and facial masks.

We have two products specifically created for Maskne. If you are suffering from this problem or you know someone who is, check out Purify Exfoliating Cleanser, designed to deep clean and balance skin with its antibacterial and detoxifying properties, and Clean Slate Facial Mask designed to loosen up blocked pores and remove trapped dirt and oil leaving your skin clean, clear and refreshed. We recommend using a facial mask and exfoliating cleanser 1-2 weekly.

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